Media Bridge CEO Featured in Forbes: Let's End the Myth of the 'National Agency'

Is the world really divided into “national” and “local” media agencies? Media Bridge Founder and CEO Tracy Call argues that this is a myth that needs to be busted. And boy does she do it…

Media Bridge CEO Featured in Forbes: Why I Wear a Rolex to Win Business

Media Bridge Founder and CEO Tracy Call shares a controversial secret to winning big business.

Media Bridge Marketing Director Talks Marketing Trends for 2021

Media Bridge Director of Marketing and Communications Giselle Ugarte chats with WCCO to discuss marketing trends we can expect in 2021.

Media Bridge CEO Featured in Entrepreneur's Organization Blog

Media Bridge Founder and CEO Tracy Call shares her entrepreneurial journey to the Inc. 5000 on the EO Blog. 

Media Bridge Joins RAB Panel to Discuss What Agencies Really Want from Media Partners

Media Bridge Director of Media Jessica Birkholz joins the Radio Advertising Bureau and top experts in media buying to discuss the ways in which media partner relationships can improve for both agencies and clients.

Media Bridge Featured in AdWeek Discussing Innovations on Social Media Platforms Snapchat and TikTok

Media Bridge Director of Marketing and Communications Giselle Ugarte talks about the launch of Snapchat Spotlight and its TikTok similarities with Scott Novar from AdWeek.

Media Bridge Offers Advice for Social Media Boundaries and Developing an Online Brand Voice

Media Bridge Director of Marketing and Communications Giselle Ugarte Joins Cory Hepola on WCCO Radio to discuss tips on managing social media during times of crisis and burnout.

Media Bridge Creative Director Shares How to Upgrade Your Brand Image with Authority Magazine

Creative Director Alex Rollins reveals five things you can do to re-energize your brand and image right now.

Media Bridge Discusses the Surge in Podcast Advertising in 2020

Director of Marketing and Communications, Giselle Ugarte, discusses how to advertising dollars are being spent in the audio world, including podcasting and its affects in the traditional radio space.

Media Bridge sits down with WCCO to answer a big question...Are our phones REALLY spying on us?

Director of Marketing and Communications, Giselle Ugarte, discusses how apps and marketers pay attention to your mobile device habits. 

Media Bridge shares insight into political advertising trends in 2020

Director of Marketing, Giselle Ugarte, gives tips on navigating the political landscape of marketing during an election year.

Media Bridge talks to WCCO’s Susan-Elizabeth on what #COVIDWashing Means

Think you’ve seen brands trying to capitalize on the pandemic? Giselle Ugarte talks through advertising authentically and understanding the impact of messaging.

Media Bridge reflects on brands wrestling with race representation and the changes that need to come.

Giselle Ugarte talks to WCCO about bringing REAL positive impact around inclusivity when it comes to marketing.

Media Bridge Shares Tips For Small Businesses To Spread Their Message in Times of Crisis

Giselle Ugarte gives great ideas for how companies and individuals can reach out, using social media among other platforms, to spread their message and some good vibes during these tough times.

Media Bridge Discusses Reasons Why More And More People (And Even Small Businesses) Are Getting On TikTok.

“Right now it’s the fastest growing platform. It has been the number one downloaded social app in the app store since before the holidays – 500 million users.” – Giselle Ugarte, Director of Marketing

Media Bridge shares Election Year advertising Tips with Kare11

“Tis the season where every other ad is a political candidate trying to sway your vote… we want to make sure our clients are ready..” – Giselle Ugarte, Director of Marketing

Media Bridge visits WCCO to educate small businesses on creating Super Bowl buzz without a Super Bowl budget

“Use social media – ABSOLUTELY – to take the low budget or the no budget approach. You can also buy locally before, during or after on TV or radio.” – Giselle Ugarte, Director of Marketing

CEO Tracy Call chimes in with support for client, partner and friend "Nice Guy Realtor" Kris Lindahl

“[His campaign] allows his team to focus less on drumming up new customers, and more on the other tasks they do.” – Tracy Call, CEO

The Ladders Features Media Bridge CEO, Tracy Call, In Article On How A Sabbatical Can Change An Executive's Career

“By empowering them [the MB team] to make big decisions without the security of my approval, they learned how to trust themselves like never before.” – Tracy Call, CEO

Media Bridge Advertising: Posies vs. Selfies - Perception In Social Media

“With millennials being so experience focused, we’ve had to help our clients change their mindset and switch strategies to push out content that showcases the bigger picture…it helps showcase a possibility or lifestyle. That’s where posies have really come into play.” – Holly Davies, Director of New Media

Kare 11 Taps Into Media Bridge Expertise on the importance of inclusivity in marketing, weighing in on Mattel's new line of gender neutral dolls.

“Nobody wants the ideal anymore. They want the real and you are seeing that with the way we market to moms. Dads. Stay at home dads. And the way we market to kids.” – Giselle Ugarte, Director of Marketing

CityPages Features Media Bridge CEO's Thoughts On The Most Recognizable Realtor In Town: "In defense of Kris Lindahl, the most generous guy I know."

You know Kris Lindahl, but you don’t really know Kris Lindahl. You see his face in a lot of ads. I can tell you exactly where you’ve seen them because my agency designs and places them. But you don’t really know Kris at all. Not like I do.” – Tracy Call, CEO

Media Bridge Advertising® Earns Spot on Inc. 5000 List for Rare Fourth Time

“Our mantra has always been ‘we grow when our clients grow,’ and making the Inc. list for the fourth time is a product of that mindset of accountability. We’re growing because we’re helping our clients expand into new markets, evolve from regional into national players and even launch IPOs.” – Tracy Call, CEO

Media Bridge Advertising® : Taking Photos Like a Pro (KARE 11)

“We are in a time where images can be so easily manipulated and altered. At Media Bridge, we try to make sure our team is conscious of not altering what that perception of what reality really is, especially for Instagram” – Holly Davies 

Why is podcasting a smart marketing move? KARE-11 features Media Bridge in segment on why to do it and how to do it.

“Why would a marketing company be talking about podcasting? We have clients who pay us to put together awesome studios and format everything and make it beautiful, because it’s a way to create leads, extend your brand and meet new clients.“ —Giselle Ugarte

FORBES Features Media Bridge in Thought Leadership Article on Why All Entrepreneurs Should ’Stress Test” Their Business

“My business brand was still tightly tied to my personal brand. The clients who trusted me to negotiate their media buys still thought of me as The Tracy Call Agency. I wanted them to know that my business was bigger, better and more versatile than I could ever be.” – Tracy Call

KARE-11 Features Media Bridge in Segment About Corporate Marketing During Pride Month

“It’s exciting to see diversity of thought, what people look like and who people love integrated into marketing campaigns. But don’t just do the rainbow bottle; actually stand for something.” —Giselle Ugarte

WCCO-TV Features Media Bridge in Segment on Promoting Diversity Through Advertising

“Media Bridge encourages diversity in who work with, our vendors, our clients, in our brands and who we’re hiring. We want to make sure that love wins all year round.” —Giselle Ugarte

WCCO Radio Features Media Bridge on Show About Diversity in Advertising

“It’s not a political stance. It’s about humanizing your brand. There are risks, but what are you standing for? It’s a smart move if you’re truly an equal opportunity employer.” —Giselle Ugarte

How do you start a podcast? WCCO-TV Features Media Bridge in Segment on Podcasting Dos and Don’ts.

“You can start from anywhere. But if you want to be smart, start with strategy. Give people a reason to come back. Don’t get discouraged. Just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect.” —Giselle Ugarte


“It’s pretty rare for a local company to get that big of an assignment!” —WCCO’s Heather Brown


“It’s about influencing people authentically and strategically. Not making people feel like they’re being sold to, but that we’re fitting into their lifestyle.” —Giselle Ugarte


‘Rather than calling people OUT, brands called people UP, by showcasing diversity, equality and kindness. You can call it fake or money-driven, but I believe in the power of influence that comes with that kind of visibility.” – Giselle Ugarte

Popular Media Personality Giselle Ugarte Joins Media Bridge Advertising

Radio host, influencer, multimedia personality, producer and entrepreneur joins one of Minnesota’s fastest-growing agencies.

Media Bridge Advertising® Wins Best Places to Work

Besides offering employees an all-expense paid trip to Mexico to help rescue dogs for local animal rescue nonprofit Secondhand Hounds — a client of first-time Best Places to Work honoree Media Bridge Advertising — the agency gives employees $500 each to donate to a charity of their choice. It also gives team members $1,000 toward travel.

Media Bridge Earns #1633 on the Inc 500/5000 List!

With 241% growth, Media Bridge Advertising is #15 in Top Minneapolis Companies and #17 in the state!

Radio adapts to changing times, even in the digital age

A Minneapolis marketing agency is using innovative digital tools to better place and analyze performance of radio spots.

Media Bridge Ranked #13 In This Year’s Prestigious Fast 50 Awards

Media Bridge Advertising is a repeat Fast 50 honoree, landing on this year’s List at No. 13 with a revenue growth rate of 110 percent from 2014 to 2016. Last year, the agency reported revenue of nearly $14.8 million.

Media Bridge Wins Gold 2017 Stevie Award

Media Bridge wins Marketing Team of the Year!

Director of Business Development wins Marketer of the Year

Libman took home a Silver Stevie Award in the category of “Marketer of the Year” in the 2017 American Business Awards.

Media Bridge Advertising® Moves Up to #8 in the MSPBJ Fast 50 Awards – 2016

We’ve had to find the right people in the right seats with the right culture fit to help manage our growth, increasing client needs and our expanding portfolio of services.

CEO Tracy Call wins 2016 Women in Business Award

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal profiles 51 women entrepreneurs, executives and leaders honored as 2016 Women in Business award winners.

Media Bridge Advertising® Ranks #9 in the MSPBJ Fast 50 Awards - 2014

“167.9% increase in revenue is attributed to keeping operations lean, scaling at a manageable speed and finding the right partners (clients) to scale with,” says Tracy Call.

About Media Bridge Advertising®

Recently ranked by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal as the Twin Cities’ 16th largest ad agency and one of the Best Places to Work in Minnesota, Media Bridge Advertising is a team of media mavericks dedicated to Media The Way It Should Be®: constantly challenging the status quo when it comes to how brands tell their stories and communicate them to the world. With a “we grow when you grow” mentality, Media Bridge has become one of the fastest-growing companies in Minnesota while helping its clients join the Inc. 500/5000, grow from regional into national players, and launch IPOs.

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