Reach your next growth phase, faster.

Maybe you have a product to launch. Or new markets to conquer. Or you’re making the jump to DTC. MB Health has been there and done that.

We’re a specialized practice area within Media Bridge dedicated to serving the needs of health and medtech companies. We’re an elite team of proven professionals uniquely built to provide marketing and media guidance today, then scale with you as your organization grows.

Proven & Trusted

We’re not new to medtech. We’re experienced and passionate about it. We have a proven track record of helping health and medtech organizations grow through smart, efficient marketing and media execution.

We’re more than a “healthcare agency.” We’re part of a consumer marketing agency trusted by businesses of all types. This means you can tap into consumer marketing experience and creativity healthcare-only agencies simply don’t have.

Welcome to the MB Health Network.

When you work with MB Health, you gain access to the experience and mentorship of our entire client network. We build bridges so you can better tackle the unique challenges and opportunities of medtech marketing.

eMBi Health empowers you to make smarter decisions, optimize campaigns and achieve your goals with data-driven insights and streamlined processes.

Our human-powered AI platform for programmatic media that makes real-time purchases of individual impressions for quicker targeting and pinpoint buys at the absolute lowest cost.​​

Go beyond buzz.

Our Haus of Sonder subsidiary taps the power of ambassador programs, events, influencer marketing, social media and brand partnerships to activate communities around your brand and build meaningful, lasting relationships.

We work differently
so you achieve more.

Whatever people and services you need, we provide them. We’re here to help, not oversell.
We’re experienced with FDA and state regulations, and we can work directly with your LAR team.

We work at your level and within your budgets. You’ll never count the number of people in a meeting and wonder how much it’s costing you.

We tailor our efforts to reach exactly your audience. No “spray and pray.” Just pure precision.

Ignite your next growth phase.