Meet eMBi: Turn All Your Data into Brilliant Business Decisions

Every day, we humans generate 328.77 million terabytes of data. If that’s too big a number to wrap your head around, think of it as 328.77 billion gigabytes. Put another way, humans generate enough data every day to fill 328,770,000 iPhone 15 Pro Maxes to capacity.

Of course, it’s not all business data. We know that. But it does make a point: as a marketing and business leader, you have a lot of data at your fingertips. And you don’t have nearly enough time to analyze it and make smart, timely decisions with it. Decisions that determine the success or failure of your media and marketing campaigns. And in turn, the success of the entire organization.

Meet eMBi.

eMBi stands for Enabling Marketing Business Intelligence. It makes understanding the complex world of media buying, flighting and measurement easy with intuitive, at-a-glance visuals, data-driven insights and streamlined processes.

It is open-source and data agnostic so you can connect it to any data source, then layer on media and marketing data to unify all your information into one, holistic story.

You Make Business Decisions, not Marketing Decisions
Your job title may have marketing in it. Or maybe you work in the media department. But make no mistake, your job is to make business decisions. You just happen to use media and marketing data to make them.

Helping businesses succeed and grow is exactly why we built eMBi.

Don’t think of eMBi as a data tool. It’s a business tool. A uniquely powerful one that lets you use data in ways other platforms can’t. It’s designed to help marketing leaders deliver on three very specific – and important – business objectives:

  • Make smarter decisions
  • Optimize campaigns
  • Achieve business goals

If those three things sound familiar, read on. If delivering on those three things would make your business – and you – successful, read on.

Make Smarter Decisions
eMBi lets you get to the why’s behind your data. You can use it to dig into the details that drive campaign performance. It collects and presents the most relevant data in the most useful ways. So you know just what to do to maximize performance.

  • Connect all your marketing and media data for clearer, holistic understanding.
  • Use data-driven insights to evaluate campaign performance and refine strategies.
  • Customize reports for teams and clients to facilitate clearer communication and better understanding.

Optimize Your Campaigns

eMBi provides focused data at the speed of business. Armed with this timely information, you can more efficiently enhance targeting, maximize KPIs and leverage exponential business intelligence. In other words, it gives you of-the-moment insights to capitalize on opportunities as fast as they come up.

  • Tailor messaging and content with clearer insights into target audience behavior, preferences and demographics.
  • Monitor campaigns in real-time to react quickly to changes and opportunities.
  • Facilitate A/B testing and experimentation to effectively iterate and improve strategies.

Achieve Your Goals

That’s a big one. The big one. And while it might feel like a fuzzy overstatement, eMBi helps you deliver on it. How? It lets you pick the data most important to you and analyze it how it’s most useful to you. So you can act decisively and confidently to produce better business results.

  • Boost ROI by focusing your budget on high-performing channels and campaigns.
  • Identify and cut unnecessary costs and underperforming campaigns for meaningful savings.
  • Use past performance insights to sharpen strategic planning and the effectiveness of future campaigns.
  • Save valuable time and focus on critical tasks with automated data collection analysis and reporting.

The Smartest Marketer in the Room

327,770,000,000,000 bytes of data. Making the most of your small fraction of it will determine your and your organization’s success. eMBi is exactly the tool you need to deliver on both.

eMBi unites and presents all your data so you can turn it into human-powered insights and business-building decisions. It helps you uncover opportunities and find solutions no one else can. In other words, eMBi helps you be the smartest marketer in the room. Any room.

Learn how eMBi can help you.