From Intern to Industry Star in 6 Years

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This month’s Spotlight, our regular showcase of the faces that make Media Bridge what it is, sits down with Jon Vogel, Graphic Designer – and recipient of a shiny, new, Ad Fed 32-Under-32 award…


We always knew you were a star, Jon, but now you have the trophy to prove it.

Ha. It’s nice to be recognized among so many talented people in the business, but it’s not why I get up in the morning and turn on my Mac. I didn’t even know I had been nominated, to be honest, so it’s a nice surprise. And one more thing that motivates me in a job I already love.


When did you start at Media Bridge and what’s your role like now compared to then?

I just celebrated six years with the agency, which is crazy. The time passed so quickly probably because I’ve worked on so many different projects and learned a lot. I started at Media Bridge as an intern. I went to college at St. John’s in St. Cloud, MN and studied communications with an art minor. I knew I wanted to be in advertising but wasn’t sure in what capacity. I interned with a data marketing agency – which is about as far away from graphic design as you can get – and then the Vikings, running inflatables (a lot of fun). But when I came to Media Bridge, I knew it was for me. I see it as my real entry into the advertising world. Six years later I’ve worked on a ton of clients and brands, including, right now, the Media Bridge brand itself as we get ready for our new brand unveil.


Oh, tell us about the brand unveil.

Nope. It’s coming soon – this summer. You’ll have to wait.


Tell our readers a little about what makes Media Bridge different?

So many things. I think the big one is really the ethos of the agency. We always say that we out-care other firms and I’ve seen that in action day in and day out in a million little ways. Going the extra mile with creative, or suggesting new ideas and options to help clients get more value out of their spend and plans. Media Bridge is an incredibly inclusive place to work with a lot of supportive people – and that means a lot when you’re learning on the job and developing every day.


How has the agency changed since you started?

In a lot of ways. We’re going through an exciting phase right now. We’ve doubled in size in the past two years and we’ve attracted a lot of clients who want to work with an agency that thinks differently. We’ve also grown from more of a specialist media agency to full service with robust creative. That’s down to our leadership and executive creative director, Mark Andersen who’s fast-tracked the firm’s creative vision. Can’t wait to see what comes next.


And what comes next for you, Jon?

Whatever our clients need. And maybe a round or two of golf with friends when there’s a break in the action.