MB Cares

“Care” isn’t just a word at Media Bridge. It’s a call to action. Here’s a current snapshot of how we’re walking the walk on caring for our communities.

Helping to Spread the Truth

Spreading the Truth

We helped launch the first local news program hosted by a Black woman in the Twin Cities. Here’s the Truth with Georgia Fort amplifies Black voices and seeks to undo decades of media misrepresentation.


How you can care: Watching previous show episodes on YouTube here, and look for new episodes on the CW.

Moving from DEI Training to DEI Living

As outlined in this Adweek article, Media Bridge raised the bar on DEI by investing in a college-level employee course on race taught by legendary University of Minnesota professor Dr. John Wright. That’s just the beginning. We understand the media’s power to influence and shape ideas. We seek to constantly educate ourselves on that power. And we’re committed to acting on what we learn.


How you can care: Don’t check the box. Raise the bar by making DEI part of your DNA.

Growing Black Entrepreneurship

Shortly after the murder of George Floyd, we met Nancy Korsah and began a lifelong partnership with her organization, Black Business Enterprises. BBE helps minority entrepreneurs establish their “worth to wealth” throughout the country, and now boasts over 70,000 members. 


“Our Title Sponsor Media Bridge has been our champion for several years,” Korsah recently said. “They’re keeping their promise to help end racial disparity in the Twin Cities and beyond.”

How you can care: Donate your time, talents and resources at blackbusinessenterprises.org, or sponsor the Black Business Ball, the BBE’s largest annual fundraiser, by emailing info@blackbusinessball.com.