Published 9/9/2020

This week, we have the honor of seeing one of our own get some much-deserved recognition. Toni Dandrea, our VP of Marketing, was honored by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal for receiving their prestigious Women in Business award! 

There’s so much to say about Toni, so we decided to say it here for all to see. 

* * *

“Toni, you deserve this award because you take leading with heart to another dimension. You lead the team both personally and professionally, and you’ve led remarkable revenue growth in a very short time. In 2013, I thought, ‘This woman is going to lead a multi-million-dollar company.’ Well, here we are!”—Tracy Call

“Toni, I seriously don’t know how you do it — like, ALL of it, and all at once. Thank you for being a tremendous leader, and an example for women and everyone at Media Bridge. We’re so proud of you, and I know this is just the beginning!”—Giselle Ugarte

“Toni, five years ago we were officemates with a guy who vaped right next to us. Now we’re working for national clients and growing little humans on the side. You are a tremendous leader, and I’m so proud of all your personal and professional growth. Congrats on a well-deserved award!”—Maria Hileman

“Toni, you’re the first person I reached out to when I discovered Media Bridge online. You took a chance on me and my out-of-the-blue resume email, and if it wasn’t for you, I would have ended up in someone’s email trash folder. You were there every step of the way during the beginning of my Media Bridge journey, showing me the ‘MB Way.’ Fast-forward four years, and now you’re leading by example—not only as a colleague, but as a friend and fellow bad-ass working mom. I couldn’t be more proud to watch you get recognized as a 2020 Women in Business Honoree!” —Jessica Birkholz

“Toni, no one is more deserving of this than you. You’ve been an amazing mentor to me since minute one at MB, and I wish you nothing but continued happiness and success. I appreciate you always having my back and having my best interests at heart. I appreciate you constantly looking out for me and my family. I appreciate you always doing the right thing for the agency. I appreciate you putting everyone else first. I appreciate your loyalty. I appreciate your friendship. I appreciate YOU. Love you. Miss you. Hugs. And Money.” —Michael Libman

“Toni, you’re smart, dedicated, hard-working, a great listener, positive, inspirational, focused, professional, driven and the queen of dashboards. I am learning from you every day!” —Brian Seesz

“Toni, I’m most grateful to you for teaching me the magic of ‘chunking’: Take that beast of a project, break it into bite-sized pieces, and bit by bit, anything can be done. Another one of your gems is ‘manage expectations.’ This is a hard lesson to learn, because it’s easier to say ‘yes’ to what’s being asked. But it can become a disaster when all the yeses end up on a to-do list. Toni, it’s an honor to work with you and learn from you. My wish for you is that you have a moment to take it all in and truly enjoy this success, because you deserve it!” —Sarah Twite

“Toni, you’re amazing. Simple as that. You amaze me every day. I don’t know how you do it. I’m pretty sure you’re Superwoman. You always have a positive attitude, are always looking out for your team and clients, and are the mother of two beautiful boys. You’re seriously one of the most amazing people I know. No one deserves to be recognized more than you!” —Crystal Klein

“Toni, thank you for being such a wonderful leader and always leading with heart at Media Bridge!” —Anna Buresh

“Congratulations, Toni! The support and encouragement you give to your coworkers is inspirational. Thank you for all that you do!”—Serena Rutledge

“Congrats, Toni! You are #goals and an inspiration to all of us here at Media Bridge!” —Kimber Peckham

“Without Toni, I would absolutely not be the marketer I am today. Almost five years ago, she took me under her wing and taught me so much about how to make the most of every marketing budget, how to make decisions with data, have hard conversations, fit 12 hours of work in a day, REALLY show up for clients and your team…but above all, how to do it all with heart. I’ve never seen anyone quite like her – she cares about every person on her team and every client’s team, and she won’t stop until she gets them where they want to go (she probably wouldn’t stop after that either). She’s been a consistent mentor and inspiration to me, and through the years, watching her balance all of the roles in her life has been such motivation and reminder that you can do it all. She’s one in a billion. Congratulations on being a 2020 Women in Business Honoree, Toni! You deserve every award and recognition out there!”—Holly Davies

“Toni, you’ve been a mentor, friend and a great leader in the 4+ years I’ve worked with you. I suppose I should also throw therapist in there, too. You’re just as great at helping people on a personal level as you are at leading a $27 million agency. You dream big, pursue those dreams and follow through with every single damn thing you set your mind to. I strive to be more like you each day, and I know many others at the agency feel the same way (even though we know you can never be replicated). The #1 thing that separates our agency is how much we care. You’re successful because you care more than anyone else I’ve ever met. You care about your clients, our company’s growth, about me and everyone else at MB. And most importantly, you care about and make time for your family, despite having the busiest Google Cal in the world. You’re a superhero, and I can’t wait to see where you take our company in the next 5/10/15+ years. With you at the helm, we’re destined for growth and excellence—and even more of your classic PG-13 ‘Toni-isms.’”—Nate Reinhart

“Toni, you’re a freak, and I mean that in the best possible way. Just when I think I have a grasp of everything you do, I learn that you also do five other things. Somehow you do them all well, seemingly effortlessly, and always have a smile on your face. There’s a certain grace to that that’s really rare. You’ve got it, and you deserve all the recognition in the world for it.”—Marc Conklin 

“Toni, besides being f’n fantastic, you’re the most driven, dedicated and innovative young business woman I’ve had the honor to work with. You challenge and empower all who work with you!”—Sarah O’Connor

“You’re relatable, fun, kind, intelligent and the most hard-working person I’ve ever known. I’m so glad that I know you, I can’t wait to see how far you go, and I’m thrilled to be here for the journey!”—Stacy Hood


“Toni, the first time I met you was when I walked up to you at an AdFed event and asked you for a job. To this day, you’ve continued to be my guiding light, constant aid, role model and inspiration. You gave me the tools to craft a future for myself, and you gave me the opportunity to define who I am. I’m grateful for your existence and the wonders you do for me every day. You are more than just an exceptional woman in business. You are an incredible woman in life. Thank you for all you do!” —Patrick Hardie

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