Published 8/5/2021

by Amy Fillhouer

In a post-Zuckerberg world, digital marketing is no new concept, but today’s advertisements are more incognito than ever. Thanks to smartphones and social media, your marketing dollar can take you in hundreds of different directions. More than half of social media users click on the ads that seem to be popping up more and more often as we scroll through our favorite apps. Between Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Clicks, Geofencing, Boosted vs. Paid Ads, and countless other options to promote your brand, how do you know what works best? That’s where we come in.

Let’s start by busting the myth that digital marketing is only effective for B2C companies. With the right audience, the right use of analytics, and the best platform to direct your consumers to the right place, an influx of engagement with your brand is inevitable. In fact, strategic landing pages help 68% of B2B businesses acquire new leads.

Provided with the best tools, a digital strategist can propel your ads behind the screens of the exact audience you want your brand to reach. After getting to know your business and taking a look under the hood, they’ll be able to draft a thorough audit, give recommendations with your budget in mind, and come up with an all-encompassing strategy to reach your goals.

Here are 5 reasons why your business could use a digital media audit:


Are you using your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System to its full capacity? An audit helps identify data that you and your business might be missing out on. With the most data available and your goals in mind, a paid strategist can identify which platforms and audiences are best to target.


An audit can provide you (and your social media manager) with tangible feedback and suggestions so that when your company’s ad pops up on Facebook, Pinterest, Spotify, or even Google, it makes sense alongside your content. Your organic content should work in conjunction with the ads so that your online presence is aligned across the virtual board.


Audits can help you create a brand guide for your company to follow so that branding stays consistent in all of your marketing efforts. This is a tool that helps more people than just your social media manager — colors, imagery, fonts and style can help create eye-catching ads that out-perform your competitors.


Getting a fresh eye to look over your landing pages is critical for growth. When an online user clicks the ad, the call to action that they land on should be clear and your brand should jump off of the screen. An audit is a step in the right direction to make it more likely that visitors on your page opt in for email correspondence and eventually convert — whether that be buying into a product, a service, or anything else your business offers.


One of the most valuable things a paid strategist can offer is insight. Tools like Google analytics or Facebook Business Manager let you know how people find you, how long they stay, and why they leave. An audit creates a foundation for you and your strategist to work together and improve your consumer experience.


There is more that goes into your digital strategy than putting some money behind a post or creating a cheeky hashtag. Capturing the right audience at the right time in the right place using traceable data ensures that you are properly spending your marketing budget. That’s what it’s all about at Media Bridge — Getting the most bang out of your media buck. Reach out to our digital experts to get started on your personalized audit.


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