As part of our Media the Way It Should Be® mantra, Media Bridge is keeping a close watch on Americans’ ever-changing media habits in the stay@home Covid-19 world. As we see new data from various media and research organizations, we’ll synthesize it here to help you make smart, informed media-buying decisions.

Media Consumption by Remote Workers

Average remote employees who work a typical Monday-Friday connect over 3 hours more each week with traditional TV than non-remote workers.1

Remote employees spend more time each week on their tablets (over 4.5 hours compared to 4 hours for in-office employees).2

According to Hubbard radio, the reach of radio for remote workers compared to nonremote is nearly identical: both over 93%.



As COVID-19 concerns grow, Americans are expected to watch as much as 60% more television.3

The week of March 9th saw an 11% rise in viewership for local TV newscasts in the top 25 markets.4

Among 18- to 34-year-olds, live viewing of local news in the top 25 markets was up 52% the first week of March and 83% the second week of March compared to 2019.5

Weekday evening news viewing by young adults was up 68% the first week of March and 106% the second week of March.6

Primetime viewing in the 18-34 demo was up 24% the first week of March and 41% the second week of March.7



According to a NuVoodoo study, Americans are turning to radio as a reliable source of information. 27% of respondents said they’re using radio more since the outbreak, and 37% use radio for information in their local markets.

According to Nielsen, 28% of people surveyed say they’re listening to the radio more since the outbreak, while 17% say they’re listening less.

Younger people are turning to radio. Nielsen found that 41% of those 25-34 have looked for new ways to listen to their favorite radio stations, personalities and programs because of Covid-19.

Car listening is down, home listening is up. About a third of those surveyed by Nielsen say they’re listening to the radio less in the car, while an average of 26% say they’re spending more time listening to the radio at home.

Also according to Nielsen, significant percentages of people are turning to their favorite radio hosts for comfort. 53% say their favorite radio personalities make them feel more informed, and 40% say they make them feel less stressed.

Smart speakers are increasing at-home radio listening. According to Edison research, AM/ FM radio grabs the largest share of time spent on smart speakers (24%).

According to Triton, for the weeks of March 6-12 and March 13-19:
– The share of radio listenership from online streaming grew from 29% to 33%.
– The share of streaming for sports radio remained at 8%.
– The share of streaming for music-formatted radio stations declined from 64% to 59%.

Digital/Social Media

Facebook has seen total messaging increase 50% and voice and video calls more than double on Messenger and WhatsApp in the hardest-hit countries. Despite this, ad revenue is down, with fewer advertisers wanting to take advantage of the influx of inventory. Streaming is up significantly, with Facebook working to streamline rates and their infrastructure to keep up with demand. (https://adage.com/article/digital/facebook-warns-ad-business-hasbeen- adversely-affected-during-pandemic/2246116)

Organic traffic is down in certain industries. Organic traffic for e-commerce depends on the product. Luxury goods took a dip in traffic, but baby products (diapers/wipes) saw a nice bump. Travel is down significantly.

Conversion rates are dropping in certain industries. The financial sector has seen more organic traffic butdropped in conversions. Media sites have seen an increase in conversions due to charges on news articles (e.g., monthly/annual subscriptions).

Even with substantial drops in searches for flights, hotels and other travel inquiries, there’s been no substantial drop in CPC, but an increase in cost per acquisition. On average, you pay the same amount per click, but the cost per conversion has increased in most industries. (https://neilpatel.com/blog/coronavirus/)


Connected TV/OTT

Hard data on this market (highly targeted advertising through internet-connected TVs) is scarce at the moment. But Media Bridge can tell you anecdotally that it’s booming. We’ve pivoted many of our clients into this area, and we’ve also made highly effective CTV videos based on existing radio scripts. We’ve been able to do this with remarkable speed and very competitive price point.


It comes as no surprise that streaming services are booming. Overall, streaming video has increased 25% across all platforms. HBO’s direct-to-consumer streaming service has surged 40% since March 14. On HBO Now, binge-watching three or more episodes has increased 65% compared over the past four weeks, while movie viewing has increased 70%. (https:// www.adweek.com/tv-video/binge-watching-continues-soaring-as-consumers-hunker-down/)

Samba TV found that for March 17-23, the average time spent watching subscription services like HBO, Showtime and Starz and their affiliated channels more than doubled.

Look for additional updates as more information becomes available. Media Bridge will always do our best to deliver More Bang for Your Media Buck!



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