Published 10/23/20

by Holly Davies

Home services brands (think plumbing and heating companies) often target their advertising toward genXers and baby boomers. There’s only one problem with this strategy: Most of these people already have preferred providers and only stray from them in an emergency. 

If you control a home service company’s marketing budget, you’ll want to start targeting millennials like me. For one, we’re the largest generation in America, and we’re older than you think (by some measures, the oldest millennials are already 40). More importantly, we’re taking over the housing market at a rapid rate. This year, Realtor.com forecasted that millennials’ share of mortgage originations will surpass 50%, and our share of total homes will outnumber those purchased by genXers or boomers. 

Why not aim your advertising at those 50% of homeowners who haven’t established their “go-to” home service company? Here are the top five reasons why you should include millennials in your marketing mix, and how you can best position yourself with people like me.


5. We’re easy to trap organically.

Three of four millennials do extensive research when buying from a brand. Like other generations, we look for reviews and testimonials. But here’s the key difference: 83% of us search for brands whose core values align with our own. Translation: Your promos won’t grab us. What you believe and how you talk to your audiences—including your employees—will. Many times, we’ll choose what feels right over what costs the least


4. We’ll stick with you if you stick with us. 

No one taught us how to budget or file taxes in high school or college, so yes, when it comes to “adulting,” we’re winging it. If our HVAC breaks down or our toilets back up, we feel panicked and confused. If you step up to the plate and authentically position yourself as someone who won’t judge us—who will answer our “obvious” questions politely and help us understand what’s going on—then you’ve got us. Embarrassment is the enemy, so your supportive messaging can go a long way in winning our trust. We’ll always come back to a company that helped us in a hard time without making us feel stupid.


3. We have big mouths. 

85% of millennials write online reviews after a good experience, and two out of three of us use shared discounts or referrals from friends every month. Word of mouth means the world to us, and we’re always ready to share our opinions with the world. Serve one millennial homeowner well, and you’ll eventually hear from their friends.


2. It’s incredibly easy to reach us through … 

Organic Social Media: Millennials are on an average of six social platforms a week, and spend an average of 7-11 hours a week engaging there. Social media marketing is a must to reach us, and if your organic (posting) strategy is right, you won’t need to spend a dollar doing it. 

Paid Social Media: With the power of ultra-refined targeting and lookalike audiences (audiences built off current email lists or previous purchasers), you can reach us while we scroll, even if we don’t follow you. You can even track which ads lead to contact form fills or calls on your site! 

OTT/Connected TV: Streaming video consumption is now up over 74% across the board from last year. We’re watching Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling, etc. more than ever. When you advertise on these services, you can even choose the age range, interests and behaviors of your audience to get your ad in front of us during our favorite shows. Just remember to make your videos high-quality and authentic. If you can’t do that yourself, don’t worry. We can help.

YouTube: When it comes to home fixes, you can bet that most millennials will try to DIY using YouTube before calling you, or at least to get a visual of what’s going on. Serve ads on those videos based on age range, demographics (like “new homeowner”) or even search queries to show up when we need you most. Especially when you refine by zip code, a little ad spend on YouTube can go a long way,. 


  1. HELLLOOO HGTV! Some of us really do think we’re the next Joanna Gaines.

68% of millennials consider buying fixer-uppers so they can make them into the home they want. If you provide thoughtful and helpful content that helps DIYers do what they want to do, then they’ll think of you first when they hit a project they can’t do. Take advantage of opportunities to provide free expertise and guidance to build trust that will win you business. 


Ready to reach all homeowners? We’re ready to help you develop a strategy that merges your regular demo with effective messaging and initiatives for younger homeowners. From social media to OTT, logo design to messaging, radio spots to bus wraps, we can be your one-stop, millennial-targeting shop. 

As we’ve already done for home services companies like Dean’s, we can take you where no home services company has gone before. (Now there’s a reference every generation can understand.) 




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