By Maria Hileman

What’s the #1 item that gets pushed to the bottom of entrepreneurs’ ever-growing to-do lists? Internal rebranding projects. It’s always easier to work in your business than on your business, so updating the company logo … yeah, that can wait. Right? 

As we look for indicators of what the future might hold, it’s easy to feel a sense of paralysis. But stagnation is never an option in business—especially when it comes to your brand. 

Here are three questions to ask yourself to see if now is the time to change or update your logo.

1. Was your original logo an afterthought?

It’s okay if it was. With so much focus on creating a business model, hiring the right people, getting office space and acquiring customers, it’s not uncommon to have the daughter of a friend who’s studying graphic design create your first logo. The problem is, these logos seldom age well. Now might be the perfect time to create one that reflects your culture, resonates with your customers and has a longer shelf life.


2. Has your company simply outgrown your old logo?

Hey, it happens in every relationship. You felt the chemistry with your original logo, but you’ve changed over the years, and it hasn’t. Now you’re looking at your competitors’ logos and feeling jealous. I want something cool like theirs. Do you have to break up with your old logo? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just time for some counseling.


3. Are you experiencing FOMO as other companies reinvent themselves?

We’ve already been plunged into a “new normal,” and we’ll see several more changes in the months to come. But as we’ve all worked to flatten the curve, some businesses and brands have been more aggressive about getting ahead of the curve as well. Amid all this furious adaptation, now might be the perfect time to reboot your own brand before the competition beats you to it. Especially if you’re changing your business model, it makes sense to change your logo at the same time.


So, Refresh or Relaunch?

When it comes to tackling a logo or rebranding project, these are your two basic choices. Refreshes are popular because they feel less risky and more doable. Burger King is a good example. Like many brands in the late ’90s and early 2000s, the company shifted to a logo that felt “in the family” while also adding more color and movement. (They’re due for another one.)

Relaunches are more intensive, but often more satisfying. Our clients come to us for relaunches when their services have changed, their value proposition has flipped or they want to target a different customer demo. We recently completed a total relaunch for Dean’s Home Services, creating a new logo with a more millennial appeal. Coupling this new look with smart media placement has been a huge win for the company and kept the phones ringing.




Our total overhaul of U.S. Compliance’s logo brought the company into the present while also emphasizing safety and security.




Our new logo for Pedal Pub delivered added brightness and clarity and moved the brand’s identity beyond the bikes themselves.




The Bottom Line

It might not feel intuitive to invest in a new logo right now, but it actually makes perfect sense. You need to keep your brand fresh, relevant and innovative no matter what’s happening in the world. The one thing you can never do is neglect the symbol of everything you’ve worked so hard to build. 

If you have the need and the rationale, you might be surprised at how reasonable the budget and timelines can be—especially if you work with Media Bridge. Our clients tell us that our designers deliver high-impact creative with twice the speed and half the ego. Isn’t that refreshing


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