By Patrick Hardie

Remember watching TV as a kid and imagining what it would be like if the characters climbed out of the television and joined you in your living room? I wanted Batman to leap off the screen so we could go fight crime together, ’cuz I knew I’d be better at it than Robin … 

If you’ve been doing this as an adult, but with your Zoom calls, then welcome to the club. The new daydream is your coworkers leaping off your laptop to share a drink with you, or give you a hug for cryin’ out loud.  

For those of us working from home, this new routine is definitely starting to feel like more than a passing trend. We’re fortunate that we can WFH at all, but staring at people through a computer screen all day can feel pretty monotonous and isolating. Luckily, our Media Bridge team has found some excellent ways to bring our work family together while still staying at least six feet apart. 

Here are our top 3:

1. Social Distance Deliveries

You may not be able to take your colleagues out to lunch, but you can bring lunch to your colleagues. On several occasions, we’ve gathered a team to pick up food and/or drinks and spend half a day delivering the goodies door to door. We’ve even managed to keep it a surprise. From Jersey Mike’s to Starbucks, we’ve found that hand deliveries are a surefire way to remind your colleagues that you miss them and are thinking of them. 



2. Livestreaming Life Events

Say you’re getting married in the middle of quarantine, but you still want your office mates to experience the big day. What do you do? This is exactly the situation our own Nate Reinhart faced. The original plan was for the entire agency to experience his nuptials in person, but—like with so many of our client’s media plans—we had to pivot. 

The solution: LIVESTREAMING! We set up a Zoom call, invited the entire office and had one person screenshare the livestream. Would we rather have been there in person. Yes, but we still got to see Nate and his now-wife Gaby on their big day, hear them recite their vows, and even comment to each other during the ceremony on matters of vital importance … like how snazzy Nate looked in his tailored blue suit. 


3. Can We Work Outside Today?

Sometimes you need to get outside, and sometimes you just HAVE to see the people you used to sit next to and banter with. I mean, who doesn’t miss passionately debating which Disney movies should be remade into live-action versions? (Answer: Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Island.

When Media Bridge surprised me by promoting me from intern to full-time employee, the best part was sharing the celebration with my colleagues and raising a glass in a Covid-appropriate way. I can personally attest to the fact that those extra little boosts are a great way to stay motivated and focused.  

Yes, WFHing has gone from an occasional occurrence to a way of life, and it may stay that way for many months to come. The best we can do is adapt and get creative. That’s second nature for a creative agency like Media Bridge, but here’s hoping that you steal the three ideas we outlined above, as well as find your own unique ways to achieve togetherness while being apart.


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