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TV has changed dramatically, and so has TV advertising. For viewers who still use cable or satellite services, traditional TV ads can still do the trick. But what about the exploding number cord-cutters? At Media Bridge, we know how to reach this growing audience through Connected TV, Full Episode Player and Over-the-Top advertising.

Shortcut: CTV is device-specific, FEP is content-specific and OTT is a combination.

Connected TV (CTV) Advertising
We deliver your spot to viewers watching on a connected TV via an app. A connected TV is any TV that’s integrated with the internet: a smart TV itself or a standard TV hooked up to devices like Blu-ray players, a streaming box, gaming console, Apple TV or Roku. These ads can be served before, during or after content viewed on a television.

Full Episode Player (FEP) Advertising 
We deliver your spot exclusively within full-length, high-quality content: complete episodes or movies rather than short clips. Impressions are delivered through apps before or during the selected content, on any device.

Over-the-Top (OTT) Advertising 
OTT is enhanced, in-stream video combining the inventory of CTV, FEP and TV-quality in-stream advertising. This allows us to deliver your spot before, during or after content viewed on any device.

When it comes to buying any form of TV, Media Bridge takes a holistic, results-driven approach:

  • We target the eyes, not glorified “points.”
  • We don’t just buy “spots and dots”; we target live TV news, sports and other programming that we know people are watching.
  • We look at network and cable buys and highly targeted OTT options.
  • We produce a great spot, and we negotiate a great media buy.

And unlike many other TV ad agencies in Minneapolis, we’re happy to work with a wide variety of budgets.

We know how to help you get the most out of TV advertising. We don’t care how big your business is. We care about making it bigger.

“Media Bridge gets TV. They get how to micro-target. They get how to make a great spot. They get how to negotiate. And in our case, making my Gutter Helmet and Sunesta franchises one of the top rated and fastest growing in the nation.”

Jeff Menke

GSM Gutter Helmet & Sunseta

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