Radio is the most underrated advertising medium, period. It’s popular. It’s affordable. And most importantly, consumers feel a connection with their favorite radio personalities that makes them act.

Media Bridge is one of the most trusted radio advertising agencies in Minneapolis and throughout the U.S. Why? Because our radio development and placement has helped dozens of clients grow their businesses from small operations into industry-leading juggernauts.

Our secret: creativity, strong local and national media relationships, strategic endorsements, assertive negotiation tactics and a fighter’s mentality.

Media Bridge delivers the right message, messenger and radio exposure at a rate that’ll make you smile. (After you pick up your jaw … )

“No one does radio better than Media Bridge, especially for a multi-market franchise like us. They have relationships across the country. They do custom channel mix selections. They’re a true strategic partner that’s been invaluable in growing our business.”

Sara Darling

CEO, It's Just Lunch

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