This time last year, our video production team was fully immersed in our regular pace: getting on a plane every other week to go film across the country, whether that was working with animal rescue heroes in Texas or chasing golden light on a ranch in the Tetons. We schlepped a dozen Pelican cases through busy airports on a consistent schedule, slid into airplane seats at the crack of dawn and built a rapport with MSP Delta agents who’d become welcoming, familiar faces. When we weren’t traveling, we were building productions in Minnesota, working with on-camera talent to produce broadcast and OTT creative, conducting interviews, documenting history in the making, and even shutting down a tarmac for a “Top Guns” spoof

Right now, we can’t do any of that. But this is Media Bridge, so when we can’t grab our cine prime lenses and haul a jib up into the mountains (because anything for the shot), we get scrappy. 

How? By putting our post-production expertise to work and producing high-impact, cost-efficient video content for our clients within days. It doesn’t matter how cinematic your footage is. If you’re not saying the right thing at the right time, you might as well not say anything at all. 

We’ve turned to high-quality stock video, motion graphics and animation to keep clients visible and relevant during this time. This approach keeps your costs low and helps you pivot quickly—so you can keep your message in front of your audience without the price tag of a full-fledged production. 

Stock video has earned a bad reputation over the years, and that’s mostly deserved (see what The Atlantic called the “Staggering Awkwardness of Stock Videos”). But a lot has changed recently. Thanks to tech advances from the likes of Sony, DJI and others—as well as the birth of quality-focused stock outlets—content creators around the globe are able to produce high-quality, narrative-driven stock video that, well, doesn’t look like stock video. Sure, the stereotypical “office worker smiles directly at a slowly panning camera” shot is still out there. But our resources and techniques allow us to source footage that’s so good, we wish we could take credit for filming it. 

The best part? Virtually all of the footage we use is talent- and location-cleared. Meaning, no royalties owed on usage, ever. Same with the music and a lot of voiceover we source (or create in-house at our home studio). 

At Media Bridge, we’re strong proponents of the proverbial “putting of one’s money where one’s mouth is,” so we made this video to show what we can do in about 48 hours with stock video, remote voiceover and motion graphics. You’ve made it this far through this blog post, so why not take an extra 30 seconds to check it out? And if you’d like to see more “quick turn creative” examples, check out the videos we made for It’s Just Lunch and EOS Worldwide

We can’t wait to get back out there and be our camera-wielding, itinerant selves of last year. Until then, we’re happy to create highly effective video content from our home offices that helps you pivot when you need to pivot and say what you need to say, quickly and affordably. 

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