Monitors moved. 

Your home is now your office. 

Zoom has become your best friend (or worst, depending on the day). 

Slippers are now allowed (nay, welcomed) in meetings.


We joke that our team and our clients are like family, but this really is taking things to a whole new level. 

When we got the call that Media Bridge was going 100% remote, we wanted to make sure that the health of our team and clients went beyond just the regulations of COVID-19. 

We immediately began implementing video technology like BombBomb and Zoom, daily morning and afternoon department check-ins, a long-term personal goals program with our CEO, and even staff-wide showcases and happy hours.  

Each day, we discuss opportunities to shift, pivot and optimize each of our client’s campaigns based on the new discoveries that morning brings. And each morning really does bring a new level of uncertainty, as well as a reignited sense of our purpose to show up for our partners (even if it means making the suggestion to pause campaigns or shut them off).

Here’s what we know about our constantly changing world, as of now:

U.S. media consumption is at historical heights right now.  On average, Americans are spending:

  • 3 hours 58 minutes on smartphones.
  • 3 hours 27 minutes watching live TV.
  • 1 hour 41 minutes listening to radio.

Furthermore, Americans are anticipated to watch as much as 60% MORE television during this time than they would regularly. Social Media consumption is skyrocketing as people crave connection and turn to social channels to get news and interact with their peers. 

So, we need to make sure our clients go where the eyes are shifting, with messaging that adapts to these new surroundings and lifestyle habits.

We’re actively finding new information to help us plan the most INFORMED decisions for the reallocation of advertising dollars—to keep our clients’ businesses running while still doing what’s right for our community. 

We’ve shifted from Sports Radio to NewsTalk, from digital billboards to OTT, and from traditional campaigns to paid social media campaigns. 

We’ve also launched pro bono marketing strategy audits and one-on-one social media coaching to truly personalize each interaction. 

The crisis isn’t stopping, and neither should you. This is your chance to build trust. It’s about where you show up and how you show up. 

If you want a second opinion on how to shift your advertising in such an uncertain time, reach out to our team. We’re armed with facts, studies and years of experience in navigating the ups and downs of advertising in different economic situations. Whatever you need, we’re here for you.

In the meantime, stay safe and make the most of wearing sweatpants on Zoom calls! 

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