It’s been one month since George Floyd was murdered by four officers from the Minneapolis Police Department. I’ve struggled to find the right words, wondering what to say, when to say it or even if I have the right to say anything at all. At one point, I thought about saying nothing, because that’s easier.
And therein lies the problem…

We can no longer stay silent. So let’s start here…  

Black Lives Matter.

I thought I was aware. I thought I knew what was happening in our country and in our communities. I believed our society was better than this. I was wrong. And I am sorry. I am now beginning a whole new process of listening, learning and DOING.

There is no “try,” only DO.

Those who know me know that I’m a problem-solver and a doer. Yes, I know a lot of people are doing right now, and this immediate action is necessary to solve urgent problems like cleaning up, supplying food and rebuilding businesses. But when the streets are clean, the boards come down off the windows and people start moving back to their “pre-George Floyd” lives, that’s where the real work starts.

At Media Bridge, we take our core values very seriously, but they mean nothing without ACTION. So I’m asking you to join us in a promise to DO more.

As so many people talk about getting “back to normal,” we have to resist that urge. There has to be a NEW normal, a BETTER normal, a JUST normal. And to get there, we can’t be silent. We can’t be passive. We can’t just “try.” We have to DO.

We must commit to DOING the hard work today, tomorrow, next week and for months and years to come.

Because that’s the way it should be. 

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